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Well let's see....... my love for crochet began at about age 5. Of course, I was no good at it back then, but my dear Great Aunt Frieda was living with us at the time and she loved to crochet. Her little bedroom apartment was full of popcorn rugs, afghans, shawls and throws. She made hats for my siblings and I in the winter, the kind with the HUGE puff balls on the ends. I loved her so much, and even though she lost her battle with cancer when I was 8, she managed to pass on her love of crochet to me, my Mom, and my sisters.

I remember crocheting the longest chain in the world, it must have been about 800 chs long, and by the time I was done I had learned how to keep them consistent. I then filled those chains with single crochets, and then double crochets and managed to keep them even. My Mom gave me a hideously ugly scrap of dark golden yarn to practice with, and even though I had mastered the art of keeping my stitches even, I had yet to master the turning process and my rows became consistently smaller with each one. I ended up with a golden "barbie skirt", because the taper on the ends could make this diagonal piece of work serve no other purpose! Let's just say, I have figured out how to keep the ends straight :)

I've never lost interest in crochet, and although I have tried most other crafts out there, crochet remains my favorite. I feel like I have a thorough understanding of it, and I can make it do what I want.... I just envision and create! It is amazingly versatile, it can be warm and snuggly, or lacy and elegant.

I try to enter something into the Utah State Fair every year and I have had a great deal of success. I have won a blue ribbon every year for the past 5 years, for various items (see Blue Ribbon page). It is such a thrill to see my efforts pay off, and for someone to say, "Good job!".

I am now 27 years old. I am married to a wonderful man and I have an adorable year-old son. Life has changed a great deal; I no longer get to run around in the snow in one of Aunt Frieda's hats. My Dad is no longer with us. There are financial stresses and other not-so-fun aspects of growing up, but I always have the comfort and the comradery with my Mom and sisters, to get together on our weekly craft night and crochet together, catching up and keeping our relationships alive and healthy. For me, crocheting is more than just a hobby, it is part of me and my family and it keeps us close :)

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